Mobitel Innovation Center

Mobitel Innovation Centre, the innovation arm of Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd, is conceptualized towards creating value based, futuristic solutions through faster and stronger collaborations that would enhance further opportunities in knowledge,  technology and business. The Innovation Center is aimed to be an integral part of spearheading Sri Lanka’s ICT transformation which makes MIC the driving force behind innovation within the company which empowers Mobitel to innovate faster, increase collaboration with peers and compete more effectively.

MIC strives to contribute towards the development of society through multi-dimensional innovations and works collaboratively with like-minded institutions, entrepreneurs, SMEs, Students and tech enthusiasts to harness the best technological solutions. Its open and collaborative culture brings people, knowledge, insights and technology together to find innovative solutions for businesses and community. It is a space for interdisciplinary collaboration with modern working environment consisting with cutting-edge research conditions, an attractive working environment and competitive production facilities.

Areas of Focus

  • Research And Development - MIC conducts research and development on emerging technologies and commercializes research and prototypes emerging products and solutions. MIC accomplishes this by identifying strategic opportunities and building and managing teams that design and implement innovative solutions to gain a distinct competitive edge.
  • Co-Creation And Strategic Partnerships - Co-creation is at MIC’s heart: MIC believes that successful innovation comes from the open interaction of disciplines, industries, organizations and occupations. MIC welcome all those who want to join us in bringing their visions to life to join us in the creative process of innovation where such innovations can turned into potential strategic partnership through sustainable value creation.
  • Building A Developer Eco System- MIC work closely with the developer community to create value by being a one stop hub for feature rich suite of services to enrich and accelerate developments. By enabling a platform with established presence in the value chains of multiple industries which enables co-creation and co-innovation we expect developers to get onboard easily to make their ideas into viable real products.
  • Nurturing Technology Startups And Entrepreneurship - MIC creates an incubation environment to assist entrepreneurs to foster their ideas into full-fledged businesses with advice, mentoring and resources. MIC welcome all those who want to join in bringing their visions to life.
  • Creating Technology Awareness - Technology changes constantly in a rapid phase. It is very vital to be conversant in order to stay ahead of the curve through continuous learning to explore advances in technology and its applications. Through constant monitoring of the markets, technologies, communities and other factors, the MIC is always ready to meet and assist to face challenges and deliver value-based innovations.
  • Formulating Solutions For Enterprise - Along with the technology advancements enterprise business requirements has diversified into many domains. Designing solutions to cater for enterprise requirements is one of the key activities carried out by MIC.

Programs conducted by MIC

  • Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak - Sri Lanka’s first ever Innovation and Entrepreneurship based tech reality TV show.
  • Google I/O extended Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka’s largest tech event to bring developers around the country together, which conducts each year with the participation of thousands of developers.
  • Mobitel NB-IoT Forum & Hackathon - Sri Lanka’s first ever forum on narrow band internet of things to initiate the eco-system to build a smarter connected Sri Lanka with IoT.
  • MedHack Sri Lanka’s first ever hackathon to innovate solutions for health sector.
  • Inspire Sri Lanka – Competition held in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to build a better Sri Lanka.