Orange Square

The Orel Square can be found amidst the trees and red-brick buildings at the Trace complex in the center of the city, housing one of Orange Electric’s many Innovation Centers. From the ideation phase of a product to mass production, the Innovation Centers are where all the magic happens. All Orange products are designed, prototyped, and manufactured in-house and can be found in millions of households at home and across the world.

With a team over 3000-strong and growing, and a presence in over 20 countries, Orange Electric is one of the leading manufacturers of a variety of products including switches, sockets, consumer electronics, and IoT devices. The versatility and reliability of Orange products, backed by the company's professional approach towards employing cutting edge technology in its manufacturing facilities, and its commitment towards quality and continuous product innovations has made the Orange Electric name synonymous with excellence.

The role of the Innovation Centers is twofold – to satisfy the needs of consumers and to push the limits of what can be achieved with technology. With one of the largest teams of engineers and developers in the country working together on areas such as IoT, data science, and AI; Orange Electric is always at the forefront of innovation. Backing the R&D team are a fullyequipped Tool Room, Quality Assurance Department and Rapid Quality Improvement Team to ensure that each product or solution that comes out of the Innovation Center exceeds the requirements of regulatory and statutory standards. The use of a human-centered design process guarantees all products are simple to use and meet customer needs and expectations. At the Innovation Centers, a culture of learning is encouraged, with several engineers carrying out research in various fields and collaborative research centers set up with some of the leading higher educational institutes in Sri Lanka. Orange Electric truly believes in combining the best of Sri Lankan ingenuity with cutting-edge technology to meet any challenge.