Business Research and Development Center for Food Tech Innovation & Incubation

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The Business Research and Development (BREAD) Center currently managed by TRACE is located in Makandura and was opened in 2017 in collaboration with the Ministry of Industries, the University of Wayamba, and the National Enterprise Development Authority (NEDA) with the view of providing the state support for the business growth activities in the future.

Our expected outcomes are Promote new entrepreneurs, Diversify existing enterprises, Promote new technology, and Promote new & value added products. Mainly we support start-up in the business, technical support, and product development. The Center is to offer most facilities to small enterprises by giving total solutions for food packaging & manufacturing, physical space, technical assistance for food processing, business management services, and financial linkage.

The focus area for the machinery & equipment services are Packing facilities, Cooling facilities, Extruder machines, dairy processing, Bakery products, Filling and mixing machines, grinding facilities, and drying facilities. Focus areas for the center are food related products and services such as dairy processing, extruder products, bakery sweets, spices, proceed fruit products, proceed vegetable fruit, and cereal products. Our clients are following 3 main stages when before using machines. There are observation, trial, and production. We conduct workshops to get knowledge of food processing, entrepreneur development, and business management entrepreneurs.

Expanding the TRACE Ecosystem to Wayamba

TRACE signed a MOU with B-Express Ltd, a company owned by the National Enterprise Development Authority (NEDA), Wayamba University of Sri Lanka (WUSL), and the Ministry of Industries in Sri Lanka. This MOU aims to re-energize Business Research And Development (BREAD) Center, the incubation facility in Makandura for innovative food startups. TRACE will manage the BREAD Center and expand the TRACE Ecosystem to Wayamba. This can be recognized as a massive step forward in the process of making Sri Lanka an innovation hub.

First Visit to BREAD Center Visit by TRACE Delegation

Representatives of the TRACE Board of Directors and Corporate Office visited the “Business Research and Development (BREAD) Centre” in Makandura on Wednesday, the 12th of October 2022. BREAD Centre is maintained by B. Express Ltd, corporately powered by the National Enterprise Development Authority, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, and the Ministry of Industries – Sri Lanka. BREAD Centre is an ideal resource for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) to be utilized as a production facility at a reasonable cost. Aligning with the vision of technologically re-awakening the culture of excellence, TRACE is interested in supporting the re-energizing process of this facility for the benefit of Sri Lankan SMEs.