Uva Wellassa University Undergraduates Visit to TRACE Expert City

TRACE hosted an awareness session and a visit at TRACE Expert City for undergraduates of Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka along with the IEEE Education Week Sri Lanka.
Dr. Sankalpa Gamwarige and Mr Heminda Jayaweera explained What TRACE is exactly doing and how TRACE is contributing positively to create an innovative and creative community to “Technologically Re-Awaken a Culture of Excellence” in Sri Lanka to make a better country.
Mr Keerthi Kodithuwakku, CEO of Jendo Innovations from TRACE Startup Community shared his experience with the undergraduates.
Both undergraduates and academic staff members from Uva Wellassa University highly appreciated the work done by TRACE and thanked TRACE management for accommodating the visit.

Discussion with the experts from Ruter As (Public Transport Authority for Norway)

Discussion with the experts from Ruter As (Public Transport Authority for Norway) happened recently at TRACE Expert City Colombo.
The topic for the session was “A decade of digitalization in Oslo PTA: Transforming the Customer Journey and Addressing the Future of Mobility and Sustainable Freedom of Movement”

The session was done by Claes Kanold who is an Executive Advisor – Radical Innovation at Ruter As (linkedin.com/in/claeskanold/) and Christian Willoch who is the Director – Mobility Services at Ruter As (linkedin.com/in/cwilloch/)

All the government officials from the transportation sector and members from the industry and academia also participated.

Dr. Bandula Wije's Visit to TRACE

Fostering Innovation and Collaboration through Trasfering Technological Know How

Dr. Bandula Wijay, a renowned figure in the field of technology and engineering, recently made an impactful visit to TRACE, an influential tech hub. The visit was not merely a casual encounter, but a valuable opportunity to connect with pioneers in the tech industry, engage with students from the biomedical engineering background, and offer transformative ideas to startups and SMEs.

As an accomplished expert, Dr. Bandula Wijay has earned a stellar reputation for his contributions in various technological domains. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, he has become a sought-after resource for both established companies and aspiring professionals. It is this distinction that made his visit to TRACE all the more significant.

Throughout his visit, Dr. Wijay had the privilege of engaging in meaningful sessions with pioneering tech companies operating within TRACE’s expert city. These sessions provided a unique platform for knowledge exchange, fostering collaboration, and exploring innovative ideas. Dr. Wijay’s insights and expertise proved invaluable in helping these companies transform their businesses and propel them to new heights.

In addition to his interactions with the tech industry leaders, Dr. Wijay also had the opportunity to connect with talented post graduate and undergraduate students from the biomedical engineering background. These students, affiliated with TRACE, were ecstatic to learn from a seasoned professional like Dr. Wijay. He generously shared his experiences, enabling them to gain new perspectives and identify valuable opportunities that could elevate their careers.

Dr. Wijay’s visit undoubtedly aligns perfectly with TRACE’s mission to transfer technological know-how from experts within the Sri Lankan diaspora to the local tech ecosystem. By leveraging the expertise of individuals like Dr. Wijay, TRACE aims to bridge the knowledge gap, nurture innovation, and harness the full potential of Sri Lanka’s tech industry.

The visit from a respected figure like Dr. Bandula Wijay has left an indelible mark on TRACE and its community. It has reinforced the importance of collaboration, mentorship, and knowledge sharing in nurturing the growth of startups, SMEs, and talented individuals. Undoubtedly, the relationship between Dr. Wijay and TRACE will continue to blossom, paving the way for countless success stories within Sri Lanka’s thriving tech ecosystem.

TRACE & Sri Lanka Agriprenuers Forum (SLAF) Agreement Signing

TRACE – Sri Lanka signed an agreement with SLAF recently to innovate the Agritech ecosystems in Sri Lanka. The Chairman of SLAF Mr. Rizvi Zaheed and the Chairman of TRACE Mr. Kusal Subasinghe signed the Agreement. This special moment took place at TRACE Expert City Colombo.

The Sri Lanka Agripreneurs’ Forum (SLAF) was set up in 2020 during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic to address, not just the issues arising from the pandemic, but also to serve as the pivotal body for the agricultural community in Sri Lanka, covering the entire spectrum of stakeholders.

The objectives being to bring up agriculture to a viable and vibrant activity and thereby ensure both national food security and to uplift the small farmers from the current subsistence level existence, to a respected and essential contributor to the agricultural economy. Another objective is improving the data resources available for academics and connecting all stakeholders through one common platform, which would aid the collective development of all those involved in the sector. We have continuously engaged with all key stakeholders including the highest echelons of government to push for the speedy transformation of agriculture.