Innovating & Enabling Innovations

Innovation gets thrown around a lot, often paired with technology. But innovation is much broader. It’s about creating new ideas or processes that add value. Sure, technology can be a tool for innovation, but it’s not the only one. Innovation is about looking at a problem from a fresh perspective. It might involve a new business model, a unique way to deliver a service or even a creative approach to tackling social issues.  Innovation thrives on experimentation and isn’t afraid of failure. It’s about learning from missteps and iterating on ideas. The key is to identify a need and come up with a better way to address it, be it with a high-tech gadget or a simple change in how things are done

IEEE Innovation Nation Sri Lanka

For every idea and early stage business that needs a platform to showcase its worth, Innovation Nation is the program for it. The disparity between resource distribution has seen entrepreneurs in countries with a low GDP getting less opportunities. Not every country has a Silicon-Valley. Lack of guidance or finances should never be the reason to shut down the entrepreneur inside you. Innovation Nation is organized covering all 9 provinces in Sri Lanka to address this by providing you with guidance, mentorship, investments and finances to take your idea or product to the next level

Orel Corporation - Sri Lanka’s first ever Smart Ceiling Fan Controller

“Smart Remotely Controllable Ceiling Fan Regulator” is a game-changing product, providing unparalleled convenience to users.  This innovative device replaces conventional manual regulators, without requiring any alterations to the electrical wiring system.

Jendo Innovations

 Jendo Innovations, a bio-medical startup delivering patented healthcare solutions detecting abnormalities in the cardiovascular system and seeking to prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


VEGA Super Car, The Vega EVX is an all-electric battery-powered two-seater AWD sports car developed by Sri Lankan automobile manufacturer Vega Innovations and is planned to enter production in 2022. This car is the first sports car to be manufactured in Sri Lanka and the first all electric sports car to be manufactured in South Asia.

VEGA Electric Tuk, ETX Platform – A Cultural Change into Electric. Next-generation electric three-wheeler designed for safe, environmentally friendly, and economical urban mobility

Techsparks Studios

Techspark Studio is a community makerspace powered by Magicbit and SLTC Research University at TRACE Expert City.  Here, young innovators can get hands on experience about innovation in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).


Magicbit is a platform to learn and practice new technologies like IoT, robotics, programming, electronics and AI. The hardware and software suit of Magcibit platform is easy to learn and caters from beginner to expert level.

The Makers

The Makers Global, founded by a passionate team with extensive experience in STEM fields, is on a mission to bridge the gap in how young people approach creativity and problem-solving. Recognizing that traditional lessons may not fully prepare them for the future workforce, The Makers Global offers a unique approach to learning.

Their philosophy centers around the idea that kids learn best through fun and engaging activities. They believe that by fostering a love for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) through play, they can equip children with the critical thinking, problem-solving, and technological skills they’ll need to thrive in the ever-evolving world.

AI Grow

AI Grow is empowering cities to manage, and monitor autonomous hydroponics greenhouses under one unified platform. Offering natural and locally produced vegetables that are free of pesticides and weedicides at all times. A powerful solution to optimise agricultural productivity with precision demand supply planning and quick payback.


With increased focus in the world around sustainability, Good Life X (GLX) is committed to go further. Regenerative business models and practices developed and embraced by GLX are designed to reclaim and restore the wellbeing of people and the planet as a whole.