Positively Disturbing Education in Sri Lanka

Igniter Space

IgniterSpace is an initiative committed to the cause of guiding our young generation to become innovators and creators of technology. TRACE is is empowering Colombo 10 Center by providing facilities and exposing students to TRACE member companies to inspire them to engage in more innovation. IgniterSpace will continue to bring the very best of technology education to students with a vision to see a passionate new generation of young innovators and entrepreneurs. We understand this is a decades long journey, and are prepared to walk all the way through it together.

Innovation Academy

Innovation Academy is an initiative to empower the innovative and creative skills of school students, undergraduate students, TRACE Community, and beyond. This initiative is headed by Dr. Hashan Haputhanthri, empowered by TRACE and SLTC Research University to promote Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Creativity in Sri Lankan Community. This program includes industry visits to innovation facilities such as VEGA Innovations and Orange Innovations which are located at TRACE Expert City.

DAIT - Degree in Applied IT

DAIT – Degree in Applied IT is a joint operation by the Ministry of Youth, SLTC Research University in Collaboration with TRACE, SLASSCOM, and FITIS. The main objective of this degree program is to take the university to rural areas and educate and empower Sri Lankans to join IT Industry workforce to strengthen the economy of the country. Sri Lankans will have a great opportunity to obtain an UGC Recognized IT degree for a very affordable investment. The specialty at TRACE Campus is we train undergraduates to be innovators by exposing them to the TRACE Innovation ecosystem.

Re:Start - Graduates Training Program

Re Start was a graduate training program by TRACE in collaboration with SLTC, SLASSCOM with the support from Calcey, Zone24X7, Roarglobal, IFS, PWC, Smart Logic, Sim Centric, Cargills Bank, 99X Technology, LSEG. This program was focused on developing a gateway to graduates who are not from IT domain to join to IT Industry. Graduates with non IT degrees were eligible for this boot camp. English language skills and the ability to learn, understand, and ability to adapt quickly were considered as the additional qualifications to join the program. 

Education Week

Education Week is an annual program to foster technological innovation and excellence to strengthen the STEM education system in a country. IEEE Sri Lankan Community together with TRACE and many other partners, are organizing this program at TRACE Expert City to attract, educate, and inspire school students, undergraduate students, and graduate students to engage in a positive disruption to create an innovative education ecosystem in Sri Lanka.

Industry - Student Connect

Industry – Student Connect by TRACE is a program to connect school students with the IT Industry by facilitating field visits, discussions, and workshops with the TRACE Member companies and innovation facilities. Exposing school students to the ecosystem is a great step forward to inspire them to engage in more inventions and to create a generation with an innovative mindset where they can thrive innovative ecosystem in the future. 

Techno Odyssey

Techno Odyssey is a robotics competition and an open tech exhibition organized by the Industry application society community of IEEE in collaboration with TRACE to encourage school students and undergraduates of Sri Lanka to engage more in future tech and robotics. This program supported talented tech enthusiasts with financial support, mentoring support, and recognition by introducing winners to interested organizations from the industry.