Justice, Accountability, Urgent Legislative Action, and Non-Violence The Need of the Hour, says TRACE


TRACE Expert City completely condemns the recent violence unleashed upon peaceful protesters by parties connected to the government. There simply is no space for inhumane acts of such nature within a democratic society and a constitutional framework which guarantees the right of an individual to engage in peaceful protests. It is our belief that those responsible for such cowardly
acts of violence, those who instigated them, and those who abdicated their duty to protect their fellow citizens and ensure their security must be held accountable and dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the law.

We also request the public to remain calm and desist from acts of violence, for it serves no purpose other than to worsen the prevailing crisis.

TRACE believes that the nation is in sore need of immediate stability, so that a process of economic recovery may begin. It is imperative that access to essentials is secured so that economic activity can be restored to an acceptable level free of shortages, unproductive idling, and black markets.

To this end, TRACE requests all political parties to cooperate with each other by leaving aside differences, so that the citizens to whom this nation belongs can wake up tomorrow with hope in their eyes and determination in their hearts and go about making their own innocent dreams a reality. Given that legal luminaries of bodies such as the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) have provided a sound blueprint to move forward, it is imperative that the members of the legislature
follow their advice without any further delay.

As an organization empowering the IT sector of Sri Lanka, TRACE wishes to emphasize that it, along with the broader private sector, stands ready to assist in Sri Lankaโ€™s economic recovery. In return, we request that the law makers play their part selflessly and with the best interests of the nation at heart.